Why do small businesses need social media management?small-businesses-social-media

Harnessing social media is not just a cost-effective way of growing your business. It’s one of the most effective ways. As such, The Social Maze aims to provide a service which is both effective and affordable for small businesses on a tight budget.

You’ve no doubt heard the buzz around social media. Nowadays it seems like everyone – and every business – is getting on the social media gravy train. Social Media has become a huge part of our lives, part of our daily routine just like brushing your teeth, going to the toilet or taking a shower.

Many people contact us and say “But what if you’re just a small business” or “I’m just a start-up with a tight budget.” And “What if you aren’t a social media guru?” “Is it really necessary?” In a word, absolutely. When you know how to do it right, that is. Like anything, if you’re not going to do it properly then do not do it all..

Here we explain why – and why it doesn’t matter if you are not yet sure what you are doing.

Firstly – Why does my small business need social media management?

Once upon a time, the only way of getting your company in the spotlight was by paying top dollar for glossy ad campaigns. Clearly, this wasn’t an option for smaller companies and only larger companies would advertise in magazines/newspapers, on bus stops or billboards.

But now, thanks to the explosion of social media platforms, there are a number of options to suit any budget. Social media is an ideal arena for connecting with existing customers, potential new customers and even your competitors. It helps build greater loyalty – which in time will mean repeat sales – with your business.

How can small businesses become effective on social media?

Boosting sales – Stay ahead of your competitors by maintaining a presence on social media.

Customer service – 73% of consumers are likely to buy from a brand that responds to them on social media.

Social media also allows you to portray a professional image to clients as well as creating an online portfolio of work for the world to see. Many of our clients are asked: “How big is your social media team?” “Who runs your social media, it’s great?” “How can I implement an effective social media strategy?”

3 reasons why your small business should utilise a social media management company..

Save money – One of the best things about social media is the ability to drive traffic to your website in seconds. The return on investment is easy to see and analyse as opposed to that of a newspaper or magazine advert.

AffordabilityWith packages from just £99 per month, it’s never been easier or more affordable to implement an effective social media marketing strategy. Our presence and engagement packages are designed to enable small businesses a fair crack of the whip.

Work Smarter – Get the insights to make better business decisions. Track when your customers are online and what content they are interested in.

But social media is not just cost-effective. It is also, in general, a more effective way of running and growing any business.

On Twitter, you can listen to what people are saying about you. On Instagram, you can see how people are using – and liking – your products or services. And on Facebook, you can understand better which marketing campaigns are trending.

If you would like to chat about your social media strategy then contact The Social Maze today on 07583642364; we would love to hear from you.