Project Description


MJK Sports Events


MJK Sports Events are a well-established sports events company based in Bradford. In September 2016, we met with the Manging Director of MJK Sports Events who at the time, was looking for a new social media agency to replace their current provider. The end goal for MJK Sports Events was to increase their social media following with engaging content; which would in turn increase ticket sales.

The Social Maze & MJK Sports Events worked together to identify a best practise strategy with the aim of increasing engagement, followers and ticket sales. We started by identifying peak times to post across Facebook & Twitter in line with the data readily available to us via their accounts. It was clear to see the followers of MJK, were most active between 8:30am – 9am & 8pm – 9pm.


As part of our strategy, we began by posting content consistently. By maintaining a presence, at set times of the day followers of MJK Sports Events became used to the fact they would post at specific times. We quickly realised our audience were engaging frequently with our content. We tailored our content ensuring a significant focus on sport, sporting legends and light-hearted content.

Paid Strategy

MJK Sports Events have complemented the work of The Social Maze by utilising paid social media campaigns. We regularly sponsor posts and target prospective customers based on specific demographics such as location, age, interests and more. This element is extremely effective especially when advertising specific events.

Viral Content

We can proudly say that with MJK Sports Events, we regularly post ‘viral content.’ Most recently, one post organically reached over 7,000,000 people. Yes, 7 million individuals, across the world through ONE Facebook post.


At the start of our partnership, MJK Sports Events had 1,781 likes on Facebook. Today, we have over 8,100 likes & counting.







Over 30 million